No Fate But What We Make

Tech Infantry - Season 10

Welcome to the latest chapter in a dark future...

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The year is 2275. The universe has been restored to perfection under the divine hand of the living god and emperor Vin Dane. The righteous have their reward and sit at the right hand of their god, ruling His systems as their own principalities, ensuring the faith and righteousness of His will. Finally, humanity can be assured of the blessings of the new messianic era.

At least that’s what we’re told; utopia has failed to reach the streets where most people live. Although order has been restored--ten years after the end of the Ascension War--the rule of law often varies from planet to planet, and sometimes street to street. The major houses of the Empire and their scions walk with impunity through the ruins of a Federation destroyed by civil war. Worse, it is rumored that the Emperor himself is not all he claims to be; his purge of the military and imperial bureaucracy eliminated anyone who might have been close enough to know him before the disastrous Battle for Avalon. Since then, he is erratic, emotionally lashing out, and seems to thrive in the chaos that he’s created by refusing to intervene in the struggles between houses.

Even these petty squabbles between houses are not what they seem. House Mallorea, better known as the Sabbat, has been allying with minor houses to build up a powerbase large enough to oppose the Emperor. At least, that’s what is reported. It’s said that the Camarilla have returned and are allied with Mordred… except many houses have heard they’re forming an alliance to block the Sabbat. It’s said that the K’Nes and Jurvain have been eliminated from human worlds, thanks to the destruction of the jumpgate network… except that they’re still trading and scheming as much as ever, thanks to gravity drives on their ships. Many look to Maax, an industrial magnate, as a unifying force above the petty house politics, to restore justice under the Emperor… yet who can ignore that many who oppose him suddenly disappear?

In this time of confusion and instability, an Empire can rise or fall. Powerful men and women will step forward to bring down the rich and mighty… and create the Tech Infantry universe in their own image.


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