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Tech Infantry - Season 10

Tech Infantry Fiction

This page is for Tech Infantry stories that have been written by Moderators and Players usually between seasons. Sometimes they are written for fun and entertainment value. They are not considered to be a part of the main timeline or story. They are included on this site, because the might help to provide ideas for future storylines.


Below is some content written by the moderator with contributions from one of the players between Season 9 and 10. It is not considered to be canon or a part of the story. However, it might be entertaining to some.  


Backstory + Trailer - MS Word

What is the Orb? What is Treschi thinking? What are the vampires doing now? Which ones? Who the hell is Maax? WTF?!


Holiday Special - MS Word

When it's cold outside (in the polar regions of New Madrid), what do the three most powerful powerbrokers in the universe do for Christmas Eve? Play Empire Deluxe, of course! Plus... Treschi's vacation photos!


Holiday Special Addendum - MS Word

When Maax's away, Gergie and Munro will play... Empire Deluxe. But even the greatest retro gamer needs a break after a few hours, so they talk about the real game they find themselves in.